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Bombóns is a premium, high quality bakehouse based in London. Brought to you by Michelle, a spirited, conscientious baker. Inspired by her eye-opening experience in Madrid, Spain, Michelle decided to name her business  Bombóns a spin on the Spanish word bombónes - chocolates.

Michelle's passion for baking was influenced by her grandmother and aunt who are both phenomenal bakers. Michelle has spent many years enjoying their delightful baked treats and has fond memories of baking loaves upon loaves of traditional Ghanaian Christmas sponge cakes which are infused with cinnamon and nutmeg. Heaven.

The cakes and treats offered by Bombóns are inspired by traditional family recipes in addition to her curiosity to incorporate non traditional ingredients to suit a wider audience, especially those with intolerances.

Finals for Michelle-3.JPG

Bombóns, brings a memorable eating experience through traditional cake flavours, and unexpected exciting combination. Bombóns’ bakes are all gluten free, with many suitable for those with a dairy intolerance and vegans.  

Order freshly baked, delicious, hand- made loaves online and experience Bombóns.

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