Hello! I’m Michelle, owner and baker at Bombóns. I’m excited but nervous to put myself out there. My baking journey has been 4 years in the making and I proud that I’m FINALLY doing it.

As this is my first post, why not get to know me better!

  1. I am a FEEDER. Food makes me happy and when people come into my space I love to feed them. Cake, biscuits, crisps, chocolates, breakfast, dinner you name it. I will feed you.

  2. Bombón is Spanish for sweets/ chocolate depending on the context. I lived in Madrid, Spain for a few years and when I came back I knew I wanted to start a cake business. I love Spanish food and I wanted to include an element of my Spanish experience in my business name

  3. I am a serial WALKER. If I were an animal, I’d definitely be a goat! Put me on a mountain and I can walk for hours. Walking through London is one of my favourite things to do.

  4. I love organisation and stationary. Paperchase is one of my favourite stores. Any shop that helps line things up and looks pretty is me.

  5. I’m a market trader. I love working at food markets and meeting my customers. I’ve got a regular spot at Oval market, so if you’re free one Saturday afternoon pop down and say hello. Check the calendar for my dates.

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